Smart Ways To Improve Accessibility In The House For Independent Living Solutions

Home Improvement
If you are growing old and your health does not allow you enough flexibility that you once had, you might find it difficult to work and live in your house. If moving to a retirement home is not an option for you, you can improve accessibility in your house with small modifications and adjustments. Your home can be converted into an independent living facility with small modifications. Here are some tips that you can explore to improve accessibility around the house for better living.
  1. Modify Your Stairs
When you live in a house where your bedroom is upstairs while your kitchen is downstairs, and you do not have the option to move to one floor, then you should modify your stairs to allow you to ascend and descend comfortably. For instance, if your house is located in Pittsburgh PA, you should consider a chair lift installation pittsburgh pa for your home. A stair lift can allow you to move up and down mechanically and avoid putting strain on your knees.
  1. Improve Kitchen
When you have to work and cook all by yourself and you do not want to hire any help, you should invest in modifying your kitchen for easy accessibility. Consider installing moveable countertops that you can adjust according to your preferences. You should also consider installing accessible storage solutions to allow you to access your pantry easily. Place all your spices, condiments, cookware, and serveware in cabinets that are easy to access.
  1. Modify Your Bedroom
Modify your bedroom to address your unique needs. If you can not get out of bed easily by yourself and require external support, consider installing a grab bar or any other tool that you can use to lift yourself. You should also adjust furniture so that you do not bump into things, especially in the dark. You should add customized items in the room that will aid you in daily life.
  1. Add Accessories To The Bathroom
Bathrooms are one of the most dangerous places that you need to customize for safe independent living. Make sure that your bathroom has anti-slip floor tile. Use the right shoes for the bathroom that will not slip on the wet floor. Moreover, you should also consider adding grab bars and railings on your bathroom walls to give you support. Invest in a higher toilet seat that will make it easier for you to sit and get up without straining your knees.
  1. Invest In Smart Home Solutions
Lastly, if your budget allows you should invest in smart home solutions. Invest in technology that will allow you to perform various tasks with a voice command. Smart lighting solutions allow people to turn the lights on and off with a voice command. You can also invest in smart technology to adjust the comfortable temperature in your home. You should be able to set the desired room temperature without having to navigate through the complexities of a radiator or thermostat.