Will You Like To Compare The Option Between Shipping And Towing of Your Car?


While you are moving from point A à point B, then you will have a few options. One option that you can always think of is simply driving your car, but that option may not be practical due to many reasons.

Now after rejecting this option, you are left with another 2 options, which is either you may ship your car or get it towed. While both these options may sound quite similar, but these 2 car transport options may differ in many ways.

In this article, we shall try to compare both these options and also try to understand how the cost of shipping a car can get affected by both these options. You use the services of Ship a Car, Inc. who is well experienced in this business.

Let us look at the pros and cons of both these options and then come to a proper conclusion on which method will be more convenient to you.

3 Factors That Affect Car Shipping Cost - ELMENS



  1. Usually, a car shipping company picks up your car from your address and delivers it to the destination address. In a few rare case, you have to drop/collect your car.
  2. The car shipping company will take all the trouble to drive the car to your destination and you need not get involved in any way.
  3. Shipping the car can often be more affordable as compared to towing option.


  1. In the car shipping business, they are involved with several cars besides your car and hence there can always be a delay to get your car.
  2. There are very few reliable and trustworthy car shipping companies available than car towing companies.
  3. For a shorter distance within 50 miles, the option of car shipping does not make any sense looking at their scheduling and the cost.



  1. You can find many companies for car towing and they are available 24/7 and hence if you ever need their service at the last moment then you can call them.
  2. There is no hassle like timing and schedule that you have to consider while shipping the car and need not wait for weeks to months to get back your car back.
  3. If you have to move any of your broken cars then towing can be the best option as car shipping services will not accept broken cars.


  1. If you ever decide to tow the car all by yourself then you need to find the suitable equipment to rent, and often that dissuade many drivers to choose a towing option.
  2. There can be several risks associated if the distance to be covered is too long.
  3. Only for a shorter distance, this option can be preferred.


You need to consider the practicality while deciding between these 2 options. If you are having an RV then shipping will not be your ideal option. With all its drawbacks, still towing will be a more practical option. Otherwise for longer distances, shipping the vehicle is a better choice.