Vehicle Repair Prices: Why Your Oil Change isn’t “Just an Oil Change”




For any repair center, there’s little profit within the $29.95 oil change. When a store pays its specialist, will pay for the oil, the filter, and also the hazardous waste disposal charges, there is no money left. This low profit is worsened through the very competitive “Quick Lube” business, which forces local repair centers to avoid raising prices, despite rising costs.

All of this begs the issue: If oil change specials, including $15.95 to $29.95, clearly produce really low profits, then so why do a lot of service facilities advertise oil change specials?

The reply is really quite simple: It will get you in. Service centers realize that after they have your automobile, they are able to sell you extra work.

Suggesting additional jobs are known as upselling, and it is a principal profit tactic of each and every service facility. Here is a typical example. You drop your automobile off for “just an oil change.” When completed your merchandise representative smiles and proudly states, “We observed that the air conditioning filter was dirty therefore we sprang in a replacement.” It may seem great what wonderful service!”

What really happened is you were casually upsold an aura filter. It most likely wasn’t needed it

certainly wasn’t replaced based on any factory recommendation, and also you were certainly overcharged for which was probably a poorly-fitting, aftermarket, inferior air conditioning filter.

Here is a real-existence example that happened lately. This specific vehicle had 54,000 miles onto it, and it was delivered in a local look for “just an oil change.” Upon having to pay the balance, the client was presented with a quote for $199 to exchange his air conditioning filter and top radiator hose. Shocked in the cost, he known as me.

After review, I discovered the air conditioning filter suggestion was premature. It did not need substitute before the manufacturer’s suggested 60,000-mile service interval. The very best hose seemed to be premature. Actually, it didn’t need substitute whatsoever, despite a really minor problem easily addressed throughout the factory

maintenance schedule–free of charge.