Vehicle Repair Prices: That Old Lady Will get Taken For $1500




An seniors lady introduced her vehicle to some local dealership because her interior lights did not work. A couple of hrs later, she had a call from her service consultant. He described to her at length that they experienced a hard electrical problem, which would want more time than expected. A sizable part of her interior will have to be removed to be able to access some wiring harnesses.

She began to authorize 4 hrs of diagnostic time for you to investigate why her interior light did not work. Several hrs later she got another call from her service consultant. Finally, they’d discovered the main cause. A corroded wire in the connector of the control module was the offender. Fortunately, the control module didn’t have to be replaced, which may have exceeded $3000 including parts, tax and labor.

However, to be able to fix the wiring in addition to remove and reassemble all of the necessary interior components, it would cost $1500. She decided to the costs, and it was relieved that “that’s all it had been.”

What Really Happened

The above mentioned story sounds perfectly plausible, does not it? You will be shocked to understand what really happened… The inside light problem was examined with a specialist. This is what he must have done:

First: make sure the interior light switch was switched on (it had been).

Second: determine when the interior light fuse had blown (it’d).

The fuse caused the the issue: a 15 cent fuse that’s quick to check on and simple to exchange.

Rather, the specialist literally spent hrs focusing on the issue. He reviewed wiring diagrams. He tracked the wiring harnesses, consulted technical manuals, and removed multiple interior components searching for that supply of the issue. After 15 hrs, he finally thought to determine the fuse and located the issue. 15 hrs to locate a blown fuse!

It is really an crazy period of time, and it was a result of the technician’s incompetence.

The repair must have taken fifteen minutes, not 15 hrs!

Nonetheless, the specialist expected his 15 hrs of pay. The service consultant composed the detailed and elaborate electrical story to read through, along with the “lucky” savings to pay for the technician’s time the service manager did not worry about this deceptiveness.

The seniors lady was billed $1500, not because she was seniors or because her vehicle was older, speculate scenarios similar to this happen every single day in each and every kind of service center over the automotive service industry. It’s normal!