Top 10 Tech Trends in Entertainment & Creative Talent Management Industry — Part I | by Rohit Jha | Staragent Blog

The entertainment industry is full of artists who are looking to have their big break. Everyone is trying to find the keys to success and the race is tight. In any business, knowing how to market yourself and your business is one of the best ways to increase the potential to achieve success.

Effective marketing could be a challenge for many entertainment artists, especially those who are working alone. To boost their marketing efforts, such artists need the services of a reliable entertainment talent management agency. With the right team behind them, they can easily get their names out there and expand their horizons significantly.

What does an Entertainment Talent Management Agency do?

Talent management agencies in the entertainment industry perform many functions on behalf of their clients. They advocate for their clients to land more performances and negotiate higher pay for their contracts. Entertainment talent managers also help their clients secure opportunities that they would not find on their own.

Finding the best talent management agency requires the investment of time and resources. Artists have to research, train, and network. They also need to prepare a resume and deal with agents. To help entertainment artists deal with the challenge of finding the best talent manager for their trade, here are important tips to follow.

Identify a Potential Entertainment Talent Management Agency

The first step is to identify a potential talent manager. Artists can do this by having a list of reliable talent agencies and agents. Personal networks can provide recommendations as well as industry professionals or colleagues in the entertainment industry.

Ask them which agents they would recommend and the ones to avoid. Find out how you can contact the proposed agencies and any other referrals. You can equally consult Google for a search. Potential talent management agencies such as GUION PARTNERS cannot fail to appear on a local directory or search engines.

Research the Potential Candidates:

Once you come up with a few potential candidates, you should find out more about your preferred agency. Get to know its location, how many agents work for the company, how long it has been in business, and many more. Importantly, run your list through the Better Business Bureau to verify the reputation of your preferred candidate.

This is one way to avoid scam operations or disputable agents. It’s equally important to narrow down your list based on the target size and status of the agency. For example, small and mid-size agencies are more receptive to new talent.

Submit your Materials:

Once you zero in on a particular entertainment talent management agency, it’s time to submit your details to the agent. This may depend on your particular niche, but a resume and cover letter must be part of your materials. Those who are in the acting niche can include headshots and demo reels.

Don’t waste time trying to contact every agent in your area. Choose specific agents and agencies and work with them. If you don’t receive a response, go to your second choice. Based on your submission, you are likely to get an invite from a potential agency.

Finally, follow up with your network for referrals. After submission, you can ask your people in your network if anyone knows any of your preferred agents or agency. At GUION PARTNERS, we are committed to helping millions of artists turn their dreams into reality. Contact us to learn more about our services.