Reviving Iconic Sunglasses: Comeback of The 50s, 60’s and 70’s Era in fashion Industry


Vintage sunglasses are making a remarkable debut by gaining momentum among fashion connoisseurs. Although, almost every individual owns a pair of sunglasses than there come fashion lovers who like styling up their outfits with new pair of sunglasses, every time. 

So, it would not be a big deal to say that sunglasses are one of the special yet common accessories to protect the eyes. 

Isn’t it would be better to invest your money in something that would complement your style statement in a better way, along with complementing your eyes? The megatrend of fusing vintage sunglasses with contemporary styles is creating a storming hype and fashion lovers are already promoting this ongoing trend. 

Most of the chic, funky, or glamorous designs that are being displayed by many top-tier eyewear brands are the inspiration of vintage sunglasses, particularly of era ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. It’s been quite a long since the popularity of vintage frames is catching the vibe and designers along with celebrities are making it more successful in the fashion industry. 

Though, some of the iconic vintage sunglasses are making a demanding comeback and has been the top-of-list for many celebs and even for many other common people. Let’s have a look at the top four vintage frames that are on-demand these days. 

Round-shaped lenses- Symbol of glam 

Yes, you got it right! Lenses with a small ring-like round shape which is now being the most demanding article of eyewear brands are the inspiration taken from previous decades. Back in the golden era, the trend of round-shaped glasses used to be a symbol of glam meanwhile, people used to pair this frame with luxurious outfits. So, if you are planning to pull out the glam in your upcoming party then get your hands on this frame (only if the shape of the frame complements your facial features). 

No frame glasses- Unique to carry 

If look at the vintage collection of Christian Dior sunglasses, we can find a huge range of sunglasses with no frame. Though these shades are not easy to carry because to assure that their charm is not being lost, one has to be careful with the clothes that will be paired with no-frame-shades. So, you might have to go little extra while carrying these unique frames. 

Glasses with curly arms- Just vintage things 

Big round and oval lenses with curly arms have been in the spotlight for a long and we all know from where it’s coming. Though, another exclusive part of this trendy frame is that it comes in amazing vibrant hues which makes it another ‘eye-catchy creation of previous eras. You can pair these funky shades with pop colours with your coolest outfits to create oh-so-unique vintage vibes in your style statement. 

Nose crown frames- wear it like a boss

Frames that have a crown at the edge, place in between the lenses could be a newly created trend for you but, here let us mention that it is an inspiration, taken from the golden eras. This style of the frame is specially designed for people with bossy personality. If you can relate to the scenario and has a bossy persona then get your hands on these trending frames, made ideally from the popular style of previous decades. 

What’s your take on these reviving icons of sunglasses? Have you tried any of the styles yet? If not, then do it now because vintage sunglasses are taking twisted turns in the fashion industry and we don’t want any of you to miss the charm.