Everything you need to know about Asbestos Survey in (2021)


Are you looking to acquaint yourself with the basic tenets involved in an asbestos survey this year? It true, several business proprietors or investors are establishing their business structures with the help of different construction or building materials.

However, while the structures are being erected regularly, the majorities are clueless whether the building materials they are using embody asbestos or not. The naked truth is that asbestos when exposed to the air can be hazardous to human health and the immediate environment.

Therefore, care ought to be taken when asbestos materials are used in building construction. That’s said, in this article, we’ve documented a detailed guide to help you understand more about the asbestos survey.

Without further ado, let’s dive in:

  1. What is an asbestos survey?
  2. Why you should conduct an asbestos survey this year?
  3. When is the survey performed?

What is an asbestos survey?

As from the word, “survey,” you can tell this rotates around an examination of a certain aspect, right? Therefore, this involves a survey that is normally undertaken within building structures, properties, or homes with one goal, in particular, to examine whether the constructions materials used contain asbestos materials.

As aforementioned, asbestos materials are harmful when directly exposed to the air, the aftermath result can lead to cancers in human beings and other lethargic diseases under the sun.

On the flip side, asbestos is a compound of natural fibrous materials. In addition, they are durable heat resistant and chemical resistant as well.

Know you are aware of what asbestos survey is and what the compound itself is made up of. Therefore, let’s discuss why you should conduct an asbestos survey.

Why you should conduct an asbestos survey this year?

By a mere examination of building materials cannot guarantee the optimal results when checking whether the building materials have some elements of asbestos or asbestos fibers in them or not.

You’ll be compelled to conduct an asbestos survey to justify your finding as per the examinations.  So, it’s only through screening or survey that will help you detect the number of natural fibers included in the building materials.

Therefore, an asbestos survey typically involves an in-depth analysis of laboratory materials and sampling that can help you quantify the specs of asbestos fibers in the building materials. Owners should therefore be notified concerning the number of asbestos fibers when they are engaging in building and construction. This will help them to take a prudent decision whether to remove them or handle the situation with utmost care.

When is the survey performed?

An asbestos survey is essentially a practice performed as a component of care during commercial real estate financing or transactions especially before the building is renovated or demolished.

Also, this can be effective when there is damaged to buildings during flooding or prolonged natural disasters on the land.

Nonetheless, utilization of asbestos for insulation was banished in 1989, not all products were removed from the marketplace and several continued to be processed and distributed for use.


To prevent environmental harm, it is sensible to always examine any type of products you are using. Some contain harmful substances when exposed to the environment might cause fatal destruction both to human beings and animals in general.

Carefully survey your building materials to ensure everything is safe and sound.