5 Ways to Sell Your Land


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Real estate agents and sellers can utilize many tricks and upgrades to sell a home. However, what happens when it comes to selling land? How can you make your land appealing to buyers? Before you put up that large sign with the ‘Land for Sale in DC’ inscription, here is what you need to know.


Observe the zoning regulations

From the onset, you should have a clear understanding of the zoning regulations for the location of your parcel of land. You should know exactly what your piece of land is zoned for. You should have the answer ready each time a buyer raises that question. Remember to be honest and if possible, refer the buyer to zoning exemptions and changing land classifications.

Talk to the neighbors personally

Once you know what your piece of land is meant for, you can start engaging the neighbors personally. Many of them would love to expand their existing properties to the adjacent space. Engaging them would push them to consider that option.

Similarly, you can talk to the builders who already have ongoing projects in the area. If they are experiencing better sales, they may show interest in your parcel and dedicate resources to it.

Offer to show the parcel to potential buyers

This is common for home sales, but many people ignore it when it comes to selling land. While some people believe that a parcel of land doesn’t have a lot to show, this step can make a big difference in the selling process. A successful salesperson always sells regardless of the situation.

Most potential buyers looking for land for sale in DC actually want to see the location. By showing the land to your potential buyers, they would get a glimpse of the neighborhood, surrounding businesses, and amenities that could easily help seal the deal.

Market your parcel for all types of potential buyers

You never know which aspect of your land will attract a potential buyer. It could be farming, hunting, energy farms, or any other form of land use. To reach a wide array of potential buyers, you should take the advantage of all the listing platforms including Zillow, eBay, Facebook, Craigslist, and many more. Exploring these sites can put as many eyeballs as possible on your piece of land.

Seek the services of a professional

It’s not enough to say ‘Land for Sale in DC.’ Quite often, engaging professional services of reputable companies such as The DC Team can make the selling process much easier. From the experts, you can have access to full marketing resources and several techniques, which are tested and tried for success. From these resources, you can narrow down to a few superior strategies to land the perfect buyer for your parcel of land.


Final Thoughts

Overall, you should know your audience. Pay attention to your preferred buyer and reach out. If your parcel is zoned for commercial businesses, then existing business owners and entrepreneurs should be your target audience.

Importantly, if you’re selling land around Washington DC, you shouldn’t skimp on involving the experts. At The DC Team, we offer all professional services related to land and properties. Contact thedcteam.com to learn more.